Our Picual Variety

When the chemical composition of virgin olive oil (100% pure olive juice) is studied, then stand out the very favourable characteristics of  the Picual variety.

Main features of the Picual Variety

Oleic acid contents: oleic acid content in virgin olive oil varies between 79% and 55% of its composition, depending on the variety. The Picual variety, with a 78'93% average content,  is the variety which has the highest percentage of oleic acid among all European varieties of some relevance. It specifically improves Hojiblanca in 12'53%,  Arbequina in 21'17%,  Empeltre  in 20,50%,  Weevil in 15'62%,  Frantoio in 8'64%, Blanqueta in 30,42% , 13'61 Chamomile in  13,61%, and Coroneiki in 3.70%.


The  antioxidants of the virgin olive oil are basically the  tocopherols (vitamin E) and the polyphenols. Besides of the beneficial effects on the health, they are also responsible for the ressistance to rust. The Picual olive oil ranks as one of the varieties that have the highest overall level of both components, doubling the antioxidant content of varieties as Frantoio, Arbequina and Empeltre and beating the Hojiblanca by more than 40% and the Chamomile in 25%.


The stability of the Picual variety at  98'8ºC is 119,4 hours, compared to 40,5 hours of Arbequina, 27,1 hours of  Blanqueta , 53,2 hours of Hojiblanca, 58,3 hours of Empeltre, 91,8 hours  of Chamomile, 37,6 hours of  Weevil, etc. This is double than on the varieties such as Frantoio, Hojiblanco, Lechín of Seville, Granada and Lechín of Empeltre or the triple than on the varieties as Arbequina, Weevil, Carrasqueño and Blanqueta.

Being all these components, those responsible for health goodness virgin olive oil (heart, aging, prevention of some cancers, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, etc.) and having them featured Picual variety, would this point the one that should be noted in its promotion.

In addition, its stability and oxidation resistance, makes it necessary to stabilize almost all other virgin olive oils, becoming practically the only mono-variety olive oil in Europe, and its replacement is the base of adulteration of many oils that hit the market with the band of famous varieties.

Always consume olive oil or extra virgin (100% olive juice). Make sure you of the variety and origin of the oil that you eat . Escape from generic references. Remember that the brand name 'olive oil' implies the blend of refined oils with virgin oils, or unusually, extra virgin olive oils.

For your health prevent fraud.